Vertical alignment of String Numbers

• Nov 17, 2022 - 13:43

How would I go about vertically aligning string numbers? I set the string numbers above the relevant note but while the notes move above and below the score, the string numbers look better when aligned consistently. How would I achieve this? I've looked at the Inspector Edit palette but that doesn't appear to be able to do what I want. Any help much appreciated.

Also, what do people prefer? String numbers above or below the stave?

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There is no fully automatic facility for aligning string numbers. But you could simply enter them as staff text, and give them a circular frame via the Inspector. Then you could also use the Inspector to give them the same vertical offset.

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Hi Marc

I've had a go and I can successfully move the string numbers up and down vertically (by selecting them all and then using the Inspector to set the x and y axis distance) but only with the noteheads as the reference points.

So while I can get the string numbers to keep a regulated vertical distance between the note heads I can't, so far, manage to get them aligned horizontally at an equal distance from the top of the stave. I'm obviously doing something wrong but I don't see what it is.

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Yes, the behavior is as described when the fingering is used with the 'String Number' style.

Marc suggested to use 'Staff Text' instead. Select a note, press Ctrl-T and enter the number.
Finally select all similar, give a new offset and choose 'Circle' as the frame, then it looks the same.
The staff text has the y reference to the staves, so you can select them all together and choose the desired common y offset and then everything is horizontally aligned.

As I done, marked by red numbers.

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> One last question ...
I'm not familiar with string instruments and their notation.
If you like to have less lines in the staff, go to staff properties and reduce the line count (left above) from 5 to 3.
But I'm not sure if this is your intention.

By the way, I am HildeK (male) and not Hilde (female). Just a nickname ...
Doesn't matter :-).

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Sorry about the name thing. I thought the K was the initial of your last name. :)

I used the method I outlined because the Ukulele tab didn't give the correct tuning so the fretting on the tab was wrong.

There is a problem though. Guitar (and baritone) music is written an octave higher (so that most notes aren't on ledger lines). So in the 3rd bar I show how the range would normally be notated with the 8va sign indicating the notes should be played an octave lower.

However converting that bar to tab notation ignores the 8va and frets the notes starting on the 2nd (B) string at the 3rd fret even though, strangely, it gets the string numbers right.

Any thoughts?

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