Build a Videoclip with underlying score

• Nov 13, 2022 - 08:33

Hi everybody,
can you please if ( and how) one can produce a score (clip like this) with musescore ? :
Best Thanks in advance


You can't do that "in" musescore, but you can do it "with" musescore with the help of 1) a screen capture app (e.g Bandicam) to capture the score or a section of it during playback; and 2) a video editing app.

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okay, it seems you have some knowledge to do such a work. i understand, one have to make two clips and then edit them. how to synch ? maybe with the audiopart of the two clips ? Do you think imovie is sufficient for such a job ? maybe you know a tutorial for it ?

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I see here some problems.

1st: Yes, synchronization will be challenging. If the human player is playing in a very constant tempo you may adapt the musescore playback to best fit. This can be done in very fine resolution. I think you will need several tries to adjust the speed of musescore perfectly to the human player.

Or you work with at least two cameras to have the possibility to correct the synchronization with suitable cuts.
Also, the human player could use a metronome to keep a constant tempo.
And also consider how to treat sections with ritardando and acceleranto.

Maybe a video software offers the possibility to speed up or slow down the video from the screen capture a bit.

2nd: Since I'm not familiar with video software, it may be a problem to overlay the screen capture and the real video.

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I have used Bandicam with musescore and found it quite straightforward for my limited needs (reporting MS 4 bugs on github} but I would not claim any other than basic expertise. I have no experience whatsoever of video editing, other than seeing the results made by others if course.

One way to do this particular video:

  1. Have the music in MuseScore close to the tempo you need. Change to Continuous View.
  2. Screen record MuseScore playing the music. You don't really need audio of this.
  3. Load the video of the trumpet player on the main track of your Multi track video editing software.
  4. Load the MuseScore video on a secondary track. Usually an overlay track.
  5. Crop the MuseScore video to only show the strip om music moving across the screen. Mute the sound of the MuseScore video if you captured it to begin with.
  6. Use whatever technique the software uses to have both videos combined. Strip of music below the trumpet player.
  7. Adjust speed of sections of the MuseScore video to match the notes the trumpet player is playing.

So, you need a way to capture MuseScore video. Most OS's come with a way to do this. Or there are free alternatives. And commercial video editing software can do this.

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