3 staves on piano part but one needs to be a string synth

• Oct 20, 2022 - 21:11

I need to know how I do the following if anyone can help
I have managed to get 3 staves into the piano part but I need the top one to be a String Synth and the other two to be the piano how do I do this?
When I change instrument on the top stave it changes all 3!


Sounds like you've added a third staff to the piano when what you want is 2 instruments. In the instruments menu (press i) delete the unwanted staff (you can copy its contents first if you've already written something there) and add a synth from the left side (it won't be under "common instruments," so search for it by name or switch to "electronic instruments").

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Hi Rose no I want a thrid line on the piano part with string synth
My piano player can split his keyboard so need to keep the treble and base clefs as piano with a treble clef synth above in a thrid stave and need this to sound as string synth
Then I need to print all 3 lines as piano
Thanks Mike

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Even if the keyboard can be split, the keyboardist still only has two hands, doesn't he?

Nevertheless, if what you want is just three staves labeled as a single piano, the easiest thing to do would probably be to make all three separate instruments, hide the instrument names of the top and bottom ones (right click the staff -> staff/part properties -> delete the short and long instrument names), and resize the top brace to span all three. Unfortunately you won't be able to center the remaining name if it's not already in the middle, hence the workaround.

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>sound as string synth
To play two instrument sounds, you need two separate INSTRUMENTS, follow jeetee comment's instruction, I'm afraid there is no other way around, compare screen images below. NOTE: to add StringSynth or any other instrument, click the "Add to Score" button in the middle, not the "Add Staff" near the top of window
You do not need to create a new score, you can add, edit or remove instruments on any existing score, you will not loss any previous work if you don't remove a staff with notes before copying everything onto a new staff.

>print all 3 lines
Printing default to print all staves, but if you score has more instruments beside the piano and you want to print "Piano+Synth" only, after you follow jeetee's instruction. You can select and print only two instruments together using musescore PARTS function
To create visual effect of one single staff: you can select any barline and drag to merge/unmerge. Same goes for the brace in the front of staff as mentioned by Rose Egbert.

s3correct.PNG s3wrong.PNG

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