Fingering in chord diagram

• Sep 29, 2022 - 10:55

Hi probably I am not the first to ask this but is there a way to show fingering in chord diagrams?
Can't seem to find it and probably its not there.
Maybe in the future? It would be really helpful for my students since some of them like to twist fingers around :-) Thanks!


Not possible currently except by the hack of adding plain text and moving it into position manually. But it's been requested before, and makes sense, and there is currently a lot of working going on to implement more features from Guitar Pro, which I assume has this (?), so I'd expect to see it at some point in the not distant future.

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You can make a palette of your diagrams with fingerings. There's some set up needed. One way would be to, after you add fingerings to a chart, invoke image capture. Put the rectangle closely around your diagram. Right click and select copy. Paste to a different place. Drag that to a new palette. The problem with this method is that the image is blank in the palette. If you select the image in the palette, and select properties, you can rename the image to the name of the chord. That name will show up as you scroll over the image.

Another method would be to after you put the image rectangle around your diagram, then save as screen shot. open in a photo editor (like paint) and save as png. Go to where you saved it and drag it into MuseScore. Then drag that into a palette. For me sometimes the image was there and sometimes just blank.
With either method I was able add diagrams (with fingerings I added) to the score.

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Hi bobjp thanks for the reply! Let's see if I get this right: I drag a fingering number from a note in the score to the chord diagram, with me messes up the layout as the fingering stays attached to the note.. but in the end if its in the right place under the chord diagram I take an image capture and drag into palette and then rename it.. clever solution that works! but as you say it takes time. Especially when I have to do it for lets say all the chords major and minor.. You don't happen to have a blue print with all the basic chords that I can borrow download and drag into my palettes? :-)
Hey thanks for the solution I start with A minor now :-)

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