Opening files?

• Sep 29, 2022 - 14:19

Has multiple tabs been removed from musescore 4?

Opening files creates a new instance (window).



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Of course it's not stable - it's not even at beta yet. But I do think the latest nightlies are pretty close to beta quality, as should be expected since the beta is expected within a week or so. But yes, obviously, of course it makes sense to stick to 3.6.2 for real work until 4.0 isn't just beta quality, but is actually released. That's probably more like a month out (just guessing). And then indeed, expect bug fixed updates 4.0.1, 4.0.2, etc over the coming weeks / months. But I do I expect 4.0.0 to be completely usable, even if with some quirks / minor limitations that might cause people with highly specialized needs to need to stay with 3.6.2 for a little longer. The vast majority of people should be completely fine with 4.0 once released though.

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You can certainly put two windows side by side, works great - if you have a wide enough monitor. It's really quite a lot better than the documents side-by-side option in a lot of ways, if you have the space. The one awkward bit is you might want to close the side panels on the "source" score. But if your monitor isn't wide enough, it won't be so nice, since the minimum window size is currently quite a bit wider than 3.6.2

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