Abnormally wide measures

• Sep 20, 2022 - 00:05

I'm reworking a score I downloaded from the main MuseScore site, and finding the measures are much too wide, and unable to be resized properly. I have used FORMAT to REMOVE SYSTEM BREAKS and I visually don't see the rectangle which would mean there are still some remaining. I've DECREASED LAYOUT STRETCH. I've hidden some parts with a lot of notes (especially the acoustic guitar part) by unchecking in EDIT INSTRUMENTS (I can't remove it entirely because I need it for playback). I have pages where the only visible measures contain one whole note or two half notes and two measures take up the entire page width. I've tried deleting a measure of acoustic guitar and that doesn't shrink the width. What am I missing? I'm attaching the score. (Please don't draw any conclusions about scoring, this is in the early stages of rearranging and is totally incomplete!)

Thanks in advance for any help. you can provide!


If you mean things like measures 8-10, the problem doesn't seem to be the invisible guitar staff, but rather, some empty chord symbols on the top staff. Double-click the first chord symbol and start hitting Space to move beat by beat, and they delete themselves as you go.

Any idea how they got there? Could be you inherited them from whoever created the score on musescore.com. I'm thinking they didn't know it was possible to enter chords mid-measure - or maybe the score was so old it predates that ability (added around ten years ago) and instead they tried playing games with invisible rests or something and somehow ended up with empty chord symbols.

Unfortunately, this score is completely full of them. To see them, try selecting one chord symbol, then using the Inspector to set the Frame to Rectangle, then hit the "S" button to set as style. Now you'll see a bunch of empty rectangles indicating all the empty chord symbols.

But all it takes to get rid of them is patience hitting (or holding) the space bar.

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Nothing terrlby mysterious here, just slightly too much music to be able to fit onto one system with your current settings. The difference compared to the other similar measures on other pages is the extra space needed by the accidental in the piano and ledger lines in the flute.

Probably best to just let that go. but if it's super important to squeeze two measures onto that page, you could either reduce staff size a little more, or reduce some of the settings in Format / Style / Measure.

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