Deleting measures causes a crash.

• Sep 14, 2022 - 21:04

On any mscz file deleting a measure causes me to crash. Version 3.6.2


So, it's not a specific score (if so, please attache the corresponding score)? Which operating system you're using? Any error message, for example by running MuseScore from terminal?
Maybe you can resolve it with revert to factory settings...

Since it doesn't happen for others, we'd need you to post one of the scores you've had this problem on (if it happens with all scores you've tried, should be easy to find an example!), and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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So in that case, we'd need you to attach the score you were actually deleting the measure from - the "fresh file" you mention. And please give us precise steps to reproduce the problem - tell us exactly which staff of which file you are copying into which staff of which other file, then exactly which measure(s) you are deleting. The crash is obviously something very specific to your specific situation since it doesn't happen for anyone else, so it's important to give us all the information we'd need to be able to reproduce what you are doing.

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TNBLE=Totally Not Blooberry 2022...
KgB= Keytar go BRRRRRRAZY...

  1. Opened TNBLE
  2. Opened the menu and pressed T
  3. Added a new part with just the keytar
  4. Made a new score KgB
  5. KgB: Changed tempo to 182 in the first measure.
  6. KgB: Changed key sig to Bb in the first measure.
  7. Copied measures 278 to beat 1 of 301 of TNBLE to KgB
  8. Removed measures 1-4 KgB to remove the 4 measures of silence,
  9. Crash once crl+del is pressed (or if remove selected range is pressed)
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Keytar_go_BRRRRRAZY.mscz 21.13 KB

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Thanks, we're getting closer! But, I'm still a bit confused, because it looks like this file already info copied or otherwise enterted into it - it's not "fresh" in the way I was imagining the copied info. So I thought, maybe this its the result of you doing steps 1-7 and was all ready for me to proceed to step 8, but - there are no empty bars to delete.

So we're still lacking the information we'd need to reproduce the problem. Now that I have the two files, what specifically to I need to do? Is there something in bars 278 - 301 of TNBLE you want me to copy? Which staff specifically? The top one?

As it is, though, I can hazard a guess that the issue might have to do with the fact that there is an instrument change right at bar 278 of the source file. I could imagine there might be some specific sequence of operations where copying a passage containin with an instrument change from one score to another, then deleting the measure containing the instrument change, might cause a problem. But so far none of the things I've tried will produce a crash. So again, we need the steps to follow now that we have the files - not the steps that got to this state. Steps anyone could follow is they first loaded these files as their starting point.

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I am sorry I am having so much trouble communicating what we need here. If there is a second empty score that crashes that isn't the non-empty one you attached, we need that score. I don't know what "all default settings" means because your default might be different from mine, and I don't know what instrument you are choosing etc. So please, create the empty score, save that, and post it here. Then we can try starting from your original step 5 (after loading the two specific scores).

But at this point, I'm thinking it still won't work, since I tried many variations of things kind of like that. I suspect the issue is unique to MDL. But we can't know for sure until we have reliable steps to follow.

I'd also recommend, after you create and save that empty file, that you create a screen recording showing exactly the steps we would also follow - start by loading those two scores, then doing the copy, and the delete. Then we can see if there is anything else unusual about how you are going about this.

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Ah, definitely a number of things not obvious from the description - like, you have the Timeline open, you changed the time signature in the destination score, deleted some text in the source score, along the way, and also, you are actually copying from the part as opposed to copying from the score, then you added measures, changed time signature again, removed measures, added the time signature after the copy, did some playback along the way, etc. Any combination of those factors could have turned out to be the key. Wanna guess which it actually was? :-)

I did try my best to follow all those extra steps and sure enough, it crashed. The main key turned out to be having the timeline open, which was easy to figure out because at first I followed all those steps but forgot to open the timeline, and it didn't crash in that case. Then I remembered the timeline, so I undid the delete, opened the timeline, deleted again, and it crashed.

But, deleting measures with timeline open is not normally a problem - that works fine on other scores. So it took a bit more experimentation to figure out made this score crash on delete with the timeline open but not others. Some intuition based on what I now about the code helped me get there: deleting measures, with the timeline open, and a trill somewhere later in the score - that is the trigger.

I can now reproduce from scratch:

1) start with default empty score
2) add a whole note to bar 5
3) add a trill to that note
4) open the timeline
5) delete measures 1-2


The good news, no crash in current builds of MuseScore 4. So whatever the bug was, it's fixed already.

Thanks for sticking with us as we tracked this down!

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No crash. I don't think I missed anything. I tried it with a single treble staff, and a full orchestra score. Both empty. Add whole note measure 5, add trill, open timeline (anchor at bottom), select measures 1 and 2, CTRL+Del. I also deleted different measures around the score. I'll try it on some different computers

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