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• Sep 7, 2022 - 02:17


Hi Great and useful plugin. The built-in mixer is so unnecessarily big.

A few remarks:

  • [Bug] When one mute an instrument, while this is instrument was in a middle of playing a note, the note is not stopped and continues forever until the play is stopped of reaches the end of the score. See an example score in attachments. Try muting the flute on the 2nd beat of the 1st measure. The C will keep on playing until the end of the score.

  • [Feature Request] (IMPORTANT) Add the instruments sub-volumes too. When (e.g.) adding Chord Symbols on an instrument part, MS adds an "Harmony" volume control for that instrument next to its "Normal" volume.

  • [Feature Request] Add a Solo button(*).
  • [Feature Request] Add a general volume fader.

  • [Feature Request] (last but not least) Add a speed control. This is not to in the built-in Mixe panel but in the even-unnecessarily big "Play panel".

  • [Remark] After switching to another score, instruments will not be displayed in the plugin immediately , in my case, it doesn't change alone, I have to hover over the panel. Which is fine IMO.

(*) I usually play with both when building the chord symbols of a piece : I mute the "Harmony" channel, I unmute the Piano channels, I put them both together, I solo the melody, ... to hear if everything matches nicely.

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A very handy plugin.

[Feature Request] Toggle muted state of all channels so that those which are currently muted change to unmuted and vice versa.

Thank you for your input.
>>@parkingb Bug
I'll look into that, thanks.

>>instruments sub-volumes, Solo button
Good idea, muting the chord channel could be helpful, I use chord symbols to draft too.

>>general volume fader
Seems the master volume is not exposed in the current API. Could add a subtractive only fader that applies onto everything though, would that do any good?

>>@yonah_ag Toggle muted current and vice versa
Yes, an ON/OFF comparison function would be useful. Channel's solo status is not exposed in the current API, so some hack and calculation and thought on UI may be needed. In the meantime, try setup a hotkey to solo selected instruments with the other plugin.

>>speed control
Certainly agree the play panel is huge, I'd love to add that function but the current API doesn't allow reading or modifying playback directly, seems we're out of luck.
The MS4 dev team made a nice new UI for speed

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Great! My use case is in re-arranging piano or SATB scores into guitar tab and this sort of toggle would provide a handy shortcut, especially with SATB-to-Guitar where I currently have to toggle 5 channels every time that I want to check my progress.

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Check the comparison. I used the same options as you. Your screenshot is on the left. Mine is on the right.
not that small compare.png

> How did you get labels on the green mixer bars?
Honestly I don't know. Couldn't make them disappear.
I've activated 2 options : "All channels" (so that the Harmony channels appear when an an instrument has chord symbols) and "Full instr. name". But even without those 2 selected, it displays the instrument name in its short form (here it would be "Fl.")

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> Maybe the plugin is scaling all its elements according to the available width
Whatever is the width of the dock area, the font-size and the layout remain the same.

> may be related to DPI setting
My Windows Display setting "Scale and Layout" is set on 125%.
And indeed the ratio between Musescore elements and the plugin elements is impacted by setting:

At 100%:


At 125%:


At 150%:


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Nice ! I just discovered the gems behind the "+" button. Adopted !

Rem: The speed buttons (0.1, 0.25, ...) have no effect for me. I checked in the Plugin Creator. There are no error messages.

Updated 18thSep2022
@parkingb Thank you for the debugging and CSS info, I'm using em unit. I end up go with a hardcoding approach. @yonah_ag yes your labeling proposal make sense, thanks, I fixed it. Please try and see if "Compact UI" fits your screen display, you can also edit this line inside the html to your liking

  font-size: .8em;

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Thanks. I've now been able to match it to my preferences by using Compact-UI, sans-serif and 0.75em. This is such a great tool for my workflow. Looping a selection of measures for A/B comparison is now so easy.


(Not quite sure why there's a vertical scroll bar as there are no more channels nor a speed section – but not a problem).

Hi, I really appreciate this plugin. I'm using it constantly.

But I have an issue with the SOLO option from the main Mixer.
When there is one track which has been SOLOed in the main mixer, the minimal mixer cannot manage it.

My typical error use case is reopening a file I've worked on a couple of months ago, where some tracks have been SOLOed (but I don't remember it). Playing it. No hearing it what I'm expecting to hear. Clicking in the minimal mixer on all the MUTE/UNMUTE buttons. Still not hearing what I'm expecting to hear.
I end up usually to open the main mixer to realise that some tracks have been SOLOed. Then I unSOLO them. Close that mixer. And go back to the minimalist mixer. Where everything then runs fine.

Why haven't you added the SOLO option in your mixer ? Some technical issue or incompatibility ?

I'm glad you find it useful.
> Why haven't you added the SOLO option in your mixer ?
Unfortunately, I can't find a way to edit SOLO status yet.

> vertical scroll bar

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