How to customize my own version of Note Names plugin?

• Aug 26, 2022 - 06:22

The goal is to customize the Note Names plugin so that

1) it can display 1, 2, 3 for Do Re Mi...
2) more advanced: it can show a dot below 1, if it is the lower Do, and a dot above 1, if it is the upper Do. And best if it is be 2 dots or 3 dots... if we have 2 dots, that means 5 octaves, and we have 60 notes (piano keyboard keys), and 7 octaves, we have 84 notes and it is comparable to an 88 key piano
3) It can auto adjust the Do Re Mi or 1, 2, 3, if the song is in E Major, and then note is E, then it shows the name as Do, not a Mi

I tried to first find the plugin on a Mac at


but they don't seem to be there.

I even tried to find it:
$ grep -ri notenames "/Applications/MuseScore"

but nothing can be found....

Can somebody tell me how to find the file, and I suppose step 2 is to copy and paste that code into our newly created plugin, and then figure out how to modify it so that it outputs 1, 2, 3?

P.S. Ideally, I hope to find the code as on my computer, but it seems there is one version of it on github:

but ideally, if I can modify the one I am already running on the computer, it may be best.


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oh I should have searched for the whole app folder, and so I did:

$ grep -Ilri "note names" /Applications/MuseScore\

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cool, thanks. It worked for me to translate it to 1 2 3...
maybe a notenamesSelect can be created, to use the language default or use 1 2 3 or Do Ray Me ... Ti (some countries use Ti instead of Si)...

Is it advisable to edit the language translation, such as if I use English US, can I modify the English GB to use 1 2 3?

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For your customized version you should rather not use the translations: you can't change them, except by changing the language MuseScore itself uses. And the translations for 3.x (and older) can't get modified anymore either, as the translation round for MuseScore 4 has begun a short while ago.

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