How to make sound played an octave higher ?

• Aug 18, 2022 - 11:14

I am a newbie and played around with musescore for some days now and having the next problem

I am a Electric Bass player so I use the tab notation (four strings)
I loaded a midi file with a populair song in musecore and only loaded the bass line.
When I change the intrument to "bass tab simple" the bas tabs show the notes 1 octave to high.
So a transpose them one octave lower so the tab is how I Play the bass.
So far so good
But when I play the song in musescore it plays 2 octaves lower (and this sounds very low)
Is it possible to play an octave higer ?
When needed I can add my musescore file


Score needed, but likely it is not using an electric bass instrument, which is either notated in a bass clef and transposing an octave down, or notated in a bass clef ottava bassa (that little 8 below the clef)

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OK, that staff is transposing an octave down. check it's properties. So sound seems correct to me.
I guess though you don't what the staff being transposed an octave down, so fix that, as it is now indeed 2 octaves down, one via staff properties and another because you transposed it down

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Ok the steps I did
1 open the midi file in MuseScore
2 select only the bass line to import
3 changed to bass tab (then the notes are an octave to high, compared with the tab's which I had already made by hand from examples on youtube bas covers)
4 transposes it one octave down
5 Now the bass tabs are as expected, but when I play it in Musescore it is very low (1 octave to low)
Which step should I change ?

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Before reading the midi file I set up the score by hand and there and the tab there looks simmilair to the tab from the imported midi after transposing it
But when I played the handmade one it sounds ok, so I presume there is a setting somewhere to set the height a note is played ?

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Ok Nice the end of your steps is just what I need, but when I tried this myself after step 2 the notes are one octave higher and when I switch back to staff type tab (simple) the notes on the tab views are also one octave higher. So the first measure gives 4 0 on the top line and 4 on the 2e line from above.

Maybe it has to do with the Staff / Part properties maybe this is set different on my machine, I tried to find this but did not find it yet (and should I not doe this before step 3 ?)

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"and when I switch back to staff type tab (simple) the notes on the tab views are also one octave higher. So the first measure gives 4 0 on the top line and 4 on the 2e line from above."
Yes, but afterwards you need to do step 4: Set in Staff / Part properties the transposition to Zero! It was set on 1 octave down!
The sequence isn't fix. Also possible is, and probably other ways are:
1) correct the transposition to 0 octave: you get a lot red marked zeros in your tabs
2) switch to instruments (I), set standard staff type - you see the notes
3) select all notes and set them 1 octave higher (Ctrl - Arrow up)
4) switch back to your simple tab display

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Thanks to Jojo and HildeK they led me to a way to do this correct, The right click on the staff gives the oportunity to change properties and that did the Trick.

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