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• Aug 14, 2022 - 18:43

in the palette "Breath marks & caesuras" there are breath marks, but I don't like them. I would like to have a small vertical stroke on the top note line.
I made this example with a simple line from the Lines palette.

Can I save this to the palette for later use, or do I need to do something completely different to create the line?
Greetings, Pentatonus


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I found better way.
Select barline, add Stacatissimo from Articulations Palette,adjust position (x -1,y 1) and than add it to breathes palette (Ctrl + Shift + drag).
This way, it also remembers position, so next time you needit, just select barline and click this customised "stacattissimo" from palette.

Is there a particular publisher you know of that uses this? As a musician reading this score, I don't think I'd understand you intended that to be a breath at all. Looks more like a "tick" partial barline.

But anyhow, that gives you a workaround for the mid-measure breaths - just add a tick partial barline.

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"But anyhow, that gives you a workaround for the mid-measure breaths - just add a tick partial barline." But how about the (much more common) end-measure breaths? - see my example, and the one in the thread-starting posting? I tried it - but the tick-barline replaces the normal barline.


Maybe SMuFL's caesuraSingleStroke fits the bill? Available since SMuFL 1.4 apparently (and so not available in MuseScore 3.6.2, but should be in the master palettes of the master branch and my v3.7 from PR #9000)
See… at the bottom right

I'll PR its addition to the master branch (see, can't really show a screenshot as the image feature in master is current not functional, but it looks almost exactly as you want it (it is twice as long, 2sp, straddling the top staff line, at least in Bravura, which is also used by the other fonts as a fallback)

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Lo and behold - that's, at least optically, not at all what we want, is it? This is twice as long as what's in the EG, in Strube's scores, and in the first posting (and it also looks quite thick).
Is this really what the designers of this dash intended?? - then I would ask the standard question: Which publisher(s) actually use(s) this (as a breath mark/caesura)??


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By gosh - do you see what happened there??! All the examples in the complete PDF are of a shorter version, which does not ever touch the fourth line - Bosse, Strube, Bärenreiter! ... ...

... ... with the only exception being the dash in Schütz's m.7 soprano line, from a badly scanned and dirty score. And so someone took exactly this incarnation and made it the template for all times henceforth??!

Well ...


Thanks for all the suggestions and thinking along. I will now take the ArticStaccatissimoStrokeAbove from the Master Palette under Symbols. I have to move them manually (or via the Inspecteur) to where they should be (turn off automatic placement), but at least they look like I imagine ;-)

I assume it isn't exactly this you're looking for, just for information the difference of the appearance of the breath mark with Emmentaler:

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