Minimum Chord Distance setting is not responsive.

• Aug 4, 2022 - 07:23

Many of my chord symbols are overlapping. I have the Minimum Chord Distance setting set to its maximum of 10, but no matter where I set it, it doesn't make any change to the score. Is there a bug with the setting, or does it only work in conjunction with another setting, or....? I'd rather not have to change a setting that would affect measures that aren't affected by the problem; the score is already quite long as it is.

Thank you, in advance, for your help.


First enable automatic placement and reset positions for your chord symbols
Then realize that this Min. Chord Distance is from the staff, vertically, not from the next chord symbol, horizontally

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Thank you. That did it, and then I just changed the offset to line them up nicely.

The handbook (see attached) reads: "Minimum chord spacing: The space to leave between chord symbols." This makes it sound like the space between chord symbols and other chord symbols rather than chord symbols and the staff. I see that the Inspector reads "Distance" whereas the "Style" box reads "Spacing", but it looks like they refer to the same thing. I had them both set to 10.

Anyhow, the present issue appears to be fixed. Thank you for the quick response.

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As mentioned, it looks like you went out of your way to disable automatic placement, which is the name of the feature in MuseScore that avoids collisions. So, no surprise you started getting collisions!

To align chord symbols, no need to disable that, or to mess with the Inspector or any other form of manual adjustment. Just go to Format / Style / Chord Symbols, and choose a suitable value for "Maximum shift above". That tells MuseScore's it's OK shift chords symbols around to align them, up to that max. The reason there is a max value rather than a simple on/off is, if one chord need to go way above the staff to avoid something else, you normally don't want everything on that system shifted that high - it's OK to have the one chord out of alignment.

So in your score, select all chord symbols, reset the autoplace, also reset the offsets you've manually applied (that's much better done as a style setting also). It looks like you also messed with the minimum distance setting in the Inspector, which is unfortunate, because it's a bit tricky to reset. But basically, you want to get all your chord symbols back to clean defaults. Then simply change the two style settings you actually want to change - the default offset, and the maximum shift.

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