Print System Dialog 'Save As PDF' Faulty (Mac OS)

• Jul 24, 2022 - 07:59
Reported version
S3 - Major

Steps to reproduce bug
1. File -> Print OR Cmd + P
2. PDF sub-menu
3. Save As PDF

Expected behavior: MuseScore should save a PDF copy of the document as it appears in the program

Actual behavior: MuseScore saves as PDF with the first page only showing the first bar of music (approx.), rest of pages are intact (see example).

Discussion: MuseScore prints the documents fine, and saves documents as PDFs correctly using the export feature (viable workaround).

MuseScore version: 4.0.0-2725972267, revision: 5e7884d

(Operating System: Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.7)

Attachment Size
PDF Export Faulty.pdf 66.62 KB
PDF Export Correct.pdf 83.79 KB


But I don't think third-party PDF "printers" are likely to work any better in MU4 than in MU3 - better to use the officially supported way of generating PDF's with MuseScore: File / Export.

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@Jojo-Schmitz My mistake. I followed the instructions from this link which pointed to the issues tracker:

Will point it out on GitHub also.

@Marc Sabatella Fair enough -- thank you for the tip. FYI it does work perfectly on MuseScore 3 and is part of my daily workflow as a teacher, hence it was one of the first things that I caught. I actually was less privy to the officially supported export steps, as I tend to use the system print dialog PDF generator across most Mac OS apps -- it often requires less steps as it's accessible via a shortcut.

Attempting to print to PDF has all sorts of issues on all versions of MuseScore. It might happen to work for certain OS's, certain PDF drivers, certain fonts, certain scores - but it's never been a good idea and fails at least as often as it works. And you can define a shortcut for File / Export (see Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts).

Regarding GitHub - yeah, the download page was created before GitHub started to be used. It should be updated, but I'm not sure the plan is going to be to keep using GitHub once MU4 reaches the public alpha stage.

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@Marc Sabatella Sounds like I might've gotten lucky then. Thanks for the shortcut help -- another element I've missed out on.

Re: GitHub -- got it. Would you recommend I still write this in on GitHub or leave it be? I'm personally satisfied with the workaround, but not sure whether flagging this would be helpful towards the overall goal?