Go To {{measure number}}

• Jun 7, 2011 - 11:53

I would be nice if MuseScore had a simple command for going to a specific measure number or rehearsal mark, similar to the Go To page feature in MS Word. Perhaps a control key that brings up a simple dialog box that says, “Go To {{measure number/rehearsal mark}}” and an OK button.


Peter Whittaker
Nov 27, 2011 - 18:52

In reply to by JoeAlders

In my opinion, definitely unnecessary. If one enters the sequence


one should be in the desired measure (first note/rest will do fine).

Having to hit escape is completely opposite expected behaviour from most applications on most platforms: Normally, hitting escape closes whatever dialog/window one is in. This violates the principle of least surprise.

Also, the behaviour of find varies based on one's past actions: Start in a low measure, enter


MuseScore jumps you ahead but focus is still in the find dialog; now hit escape, you're in measure 32. OK so far.

Go back to a low measure, but now you want to go to measure 3, not 32: As soon as you type 3, MuseScore enters 32 in the field (it remembers what ya did) and moves you along to 32 - you have to hit space or delete to get "just a 3" and as you do MuseScore will jump your display around (especially if you are in zoom mode). This can be confusing.

Now imagine having hundreds of measures - there is lot of jumping before one gets to the measure one wishes.

The find feature will quite let you enter any number greater than the number of measures, without letting you know you have exceeded the measure count. Likewise one can enter letters without any sort of warning or reminder.

Finally, entering 1 takes you to measure 1, unless you have anacrusis, in which case it takes you to -1. A quibble, I suppose, but not quite expected or desired behaviour.

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