Menu Font Size

• Jul 7, 2022 - 19:44

I am running MuseScore on a laptop and the menu font is so small that it's difficult to read.
I tried to increase the font size in windows settings but it doesn't change the MuseScore font.
Is there a way to change the font size ? Thank you, John


Is it just the menu that appears small, or is it also text in dialog boxes (like, say, Format / Style? How about the icons on the main toolbar, like the note icons, the file & print icons, etc? How about the labels on the palettes, and the symbols within them? How about the score itself - by default at 100% view, should be life-size (same as a sheet of actual paper)?

Different systems have different display setups and manage their resolution differently, so unfortunately it's sometimes necessary to manually override things. Depending on what specifically is off on your system, it could be a matter of just increasing the font & icon sizes. But more likely, it's goes beyond that. And in that case, see, but also I find the "System" setting under "Change high DPI settings" usually works.

You can try menu item: Edit > General tab and look in the 'Appearance' area to change the 'Font size'.
Hopefully, this may suffice (although the DPI 'fix' may be required).

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