change verse lyrics

• Jun 12, 2022 - 21:32

Maybe it´s just nitpicky, but ... if I want to change the verse from 1 to 2 or the other way round, I always hit the wrong arrow in the inspector.

The 2. verse is shown below in the sheets. If I want it to jump one line up, I have to click "down arrow" , for "one" is below "two" ...

At least to me it´s inconvenient


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Sure, and you've just requested it.
But I feel this is one of those X/Y things as well, where either the logic is to let the up arrow increase the number, or to make it perform the "upwards" action. The number increasing on upwards arrows is a standard UI component/practice. The other makes sense as well from a different thinking point.

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I know I'd find it awkward and confusing for a spinbox to behave opposite the norm - I have years of experience with spinboxes that tell me down arrow decrements. To me, the solution for both of these is to design a new control rather than subvert a standard one to act in a non-standard way.

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