Is it possible in Musescore to add 2 different time signatures in a bar ?

• Jun 4, 2022 - 20:01

Is it possible to add 2 different time signatures into a bar like the example below?
Like 1/4 + 1/8

Thanks in advance!


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Sort of - select the time signature and press Properties in the Inspector, then use the "Text" field. You can't quite get exactly that, but you can get 1+1/4+8, or 1/4+8, etc.

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Thanks for the reply Marc! This piece is for the Proms this year! Colin Currie Percussion concerto...It's been written by Nicole Lizee (quite strangely in my opinion!) Pretty sure there were loads of different ways that could have made it easier for us poor musicians to read! In the next example - Bar 679 could/should have been a 3/4 +3/8 bar! She keeps putting in loads of 1/8 or 1/16 bars throughout the piece! Which is incredibly confusing! These are just a couple of examples!
Just trying to make the part simpler to read!
If I use your suggestion, would the correct number of beats be in the bar?
Only really want to change her Time signatures to keep the bar numbers correct!
Hope that makes sense!

Davy x x

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Hi Dave! This is a situation which has arisen many times in scores which I have written and engraved. Here's a link to a reply I made to a post several months ago--the poster was a violist, but the situation was almost exactly the same as yours:

No matter what method you use to create your time siganature, don't forget that with Musescore a measure's nominal duration (what the time signature says) and its actual duration (how many beats there are in the measure) don't have to match--this flexiblitly is one of Musescore's greatest assets, IMHO.
-- Bill

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