A way to copy EVERYTHING?

• Jun 2, 2022 - 00:10

Is there a way to copy absolutely everything within a given range, including repeats, and all scripts, measure treatments and absolutely everything? I know there's a selection filter, but even with "ALL" selected, it won't select like section markers, or repeats, or things like that.


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It works if you have the same instruments in the same order (basically the restriction the MS2 album feature had).

Which is one way to tackle this issue without going into hand-editing the files: export to MusicXML; use a portable 2.3.2 and album them together, import the resulting score in 3 again and apply styling/layout.

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Depending on your specific use case, though, there may be decent workarounds. For example, if the goal is to combine multiple movements into a single final score, I recommend exporting to PDF then combining those using any of the various utilities that exist for that. Or, it it's that you are trying to generate individual instruments from a full score, just use the built-in Parts facility (see Handbook for details). If you explain what you are trying to do in more detail (ideally with sample score attached), we may be able to offer other suggestions.

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I only do basic things. Generally speaking, I only add chords single note melody lines and lyrics. Just sort of pop songs. Not full scores or anything. So, My use case is generally like if I have an outro that uses the first same to systems as my chorus, then I might want to copy paste that, and have all the same repeats and stuff, the same tags and everything, because it's exactly the same section.

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That's unfortunate, but thanks for the info. Can I assign shortcut keys to palette items? if I could do that, that would be amazing. If I can't do that, that's the number one thing I would like musescore to be able to do. If it could be fully customizable like reaper is with macros and stuff that would be even better, but that's really dreaming lol.

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No you can't, but yes you can a little bit.
If you F9 then the focus is in the search/filter field, so you could provide custom names for each item, and then fill the filter with that using a macro. If you search through the forums there is someone who shared a similar approach (I believe using AutoHotKey).

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