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• Feb 11, 2021 - 08:45

Is there a technique for allowing a passage inside a repeat to only be played "second time through"?


Another v+1 vote for adding standard notation for first and second endings of a repeated section.

Though technically this can be accomplished by unrolling a repeated section, this is pretty unwieldy when only one bar changes between two endings.

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I am aware of the separate requests for these features:
- a different dynamic on the second repeat (
- a "play only second time through" ( and #72791: Add a "second time only" option (For repeats, not Volta)

I was replying specifically to this remark from @esplumer:
"Another v+1 vote for adding standard notation for first and second endings of a repeated section."

I am not sure that I understand your request.

If you are testing a section of your music that spans into the 2nd repeat, and do not want to have to cycle through the 1st repeat first, that is easy.

Simply reverse the "Repeat list" values for the Volta brackets in the Inspector. Let Volta 1 be "Repeat list" 2, and Volta 2 be "Repeat list" 1.

As an example, attached below is an unfinished transcription of mine. I am done with the first repeat, and working on the second part of the melody. I have reversed the "Repeat List" values for the Volta brackets (which you can see in the Inspector; scroll down to the bottom of the Inspector, because it is the last property value).
So I can start in, say, Measure 7, and hit the Play button (or space bar). The playback will skip the first Volta (Measure 9), and jump right to the second Volta (Measure 10), allowing me to listen to the transition into the second part of the piece.

Attachment: 2nd time through.mscz

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For the record, I haven't posted yet to this thread, not sure how my name got involved :-)

You don't need to press Insert, that's just to make the attachment appear inline instead of at the bottom of the post. Useful mainly for images, where you'll get the actual image, not just the filename.

But, there are occasional glitches where attached files just don't attach. I see this mostly when also messing with the Preview button, or on posts that were automatically translated by Chrome.

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Hi Steve.

Try this: On the same measure that has the "To Coda", add a "D.C. al Coda". Then in the Inspector, change the DC's "Jump to" property value to "codab".

Intermixed repeats, coda jumps and volta jumps can be tricky, so this might not work in every case.
But try it, and please reply with your results.

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