Musescore 3.5 D.S. repeats do not work

• Aug 31, 2020 - 18:34

D.S. repeats are not properly playing back in the current build of MuseScore 3.5 (OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 43c5553). With repeats on and the "play repeats" box on the D.S. al Fine text inspector checked no repeats and no jumps back to Segno are played, it just plays directly from start to finish.

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Where's the Fine?
It it is supposed to be at the end, a normal D.S. does the trick, as does adding a Fine to the last measure.
Not a bug, but a user error

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D.S. al Fine from my experience doesn't need "Fine" in text, as "Fine" also refers to the final barline. Attached below is a screenshot from "Behind Bars" by Elaine Gould explaining this, and I'll also provide a link to another website describing this.….)

I would maintain that this is a bug or a programming error if not a bug.

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D.S. al Fine needs a Fine. With MuseScore that it.
A Fine (at least to me and to MuseScore) always means some measure not at the end of the score (but yes, usually with a final barline).
If you mean D.S. (go to segne, play till end o score), just write D.S.
Where exactly does Elaine Gould say otherwise?
Ah, I see you images shows page 238.
She writes:

Add the phrase [I] Fine (’to the end’) to the above terms when the end of the
piece (indicated Fine) is not at the written end of the music.

Exactly what MuseScore does

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If you insist on using DS al Fine rather than DS, put a Fine in the final measure and make it invisible so MuseScore will accept what you did. You can also edit the text of a DS and add "al Fine" to it so MuseScore will not expect a fine. This is a feature of the flexibility of MuseScore not a bug.

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