Setting "prefer sharps or flats" after an instrument change?

• May 8, 2022 - 23:22

I writing a flute/alto sax double part. The player prefers a section to be transposed to a flat key, but it keeps coming up as sharps. Because the part starts with a flute, I can't find where to set the option after the instrument change.
If I only use the alto sax, then I can set the flat key and the section transposes correctly.
With the flute, there is no "sharp or flat" option and it comes out as a sharp key.


If you right-click a measure within the alto sax portion of the score, then when the Staff/Part Properties dialog comes up, it will be controlling that instrument, so you can set the prefer flats option there.

You can also change the transposition from major sixth to diminished seventh, which would also have the advantage of automatically getting the notes right also.

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