MDL Drumset - Buzzes with accents?

• Apr 22, 2022 - 20:24

Current version of Musescore, IMac Big Sure 11.6.5

I have added both MDL drumset and Drumset instruments.

Placing an accent on a buzzed note in the MDL drumset staff negates the buzz.

see attached sample file.

Attachment Size
MDL-buzzes-with accents.mscz 6.5 KB


I believe MDL uses articulations to define which sound to play and having both the accent and the buzz is likely undefined in their definition, thus leading to a plain hit instead.
Consider adding a non-functional symbol from the master palette for the accent and tweak the notes velocity offset value instead for the playback effect?

Marching percussion playback is being entirely rebuilt for MS4.

As soon as we have something available to test, will post a note here.

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