• Apr 17, 2022 - 02:01

This is from a book in Portuguese. I can't clearly read the instructions.

Da 2.? vez com 8?

The 2nd time 8va?

Can you clearly transcribe the Portuguese for me, please?

Thanks in advance, Wizards. <3

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Da 2.ª vez com 8ª

Pretty much what you said, "The 2nd time with 8va"
Although I'm not sure if it means "what is written but an octave higher" or "What is written + 8va"

This note can only be for the pianist.
It may not be possible for the singer to sing octave higher, or for the mandolin player (in your youtube video link) to be able to play octave higher - as this may push the limits of the instrument.

I don't speak Portuguese, but I think the word "vez" there means something like "with". If we want to say: "play with 8a for the 2nd time", what it means depends on the reader.

But I would play as Melody + Octave (Because: otherwise the melody would be thin/weak).

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