Copying one stave and pasting to many

• Mar 26, 2018 - 10:28
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When selecting one stave and pasting to many, the copied content should be pasted to all selected staves, rather than just the top.


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Note Tools / Explode does this already. Not sure I agree ordinary paste should do so as well, there is no guarantee that is what I want.

then don't select more than the start measure.

The way to use this would be:
Copy one (or 2 or 3) measure(s), select multiple measures (a multiple of the copy), paste

The thing is, selecting the full destination is an important part of the "swap with clipboard" workflow, so I'm not crazy about the idea of this same technique producing what would seem kind of randomly wrong when using plain paste. I'm not saying I'm totally opposed, but perhaps this could be part of a "paste special" command dialog or otherwise made non-default.

Eg: I have input a melody into bar 1 into the flute 1. I want to now copy this to the rest of the full 'symphony orchestra' template so all parts have this melody. 'Explode' is not doing this for me and am not sure of an efficient way, unless you can suggest? And I don't think it's unintuitive/unexpected behaviour for paste to do as I suggest in my original post (as I say, Sibelius does this) though I appreciate if it is technologically difficult to implement. Thanks for responding.

So it does! I was not selecting correctly, apologies. I guess I must concede it is my personal preference than expected behaviour regarding default paste behaviour but thanks for response and thanks for this brilliant software! Have mapped a keyboard shortcut to the explode command and that will work well for me.

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Sorry to come back to this but have returned to MS to test the latest builds for MS4 note paste across staves hasn't been fixed. Is there a work around for how I could copy a dynamic marking from the top stave in the symphony orchestra template and paste it to all the staves below? Thanks.

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As mentioned futher up,:
Note Tools / Explode does this already.

May not help with dynamics though? And MS4 issues are ro be reported on GitHub, not here

Dynamics work as intended in all versions of MuseScore - they copy individually, or as part of a range. A feature that has not yet been implemented is the ability to copy a single dynamic (one not selected as part of a range) but paste it into a range, as opposed to what is intended, pasting it onto another note or rest.

Workaround No Yes

But is for other elements, and this issue here is not specific to dynamics only
And the workaround for dynamics if, of course, to add them after.

Or to copy them normally - as part of a range, or individually.

As mentioned, as a separate suggestion, a new feature where individual elements can also be copied to ranges could be considered as well but would require considerably more discussion and design as to how it should work - discussion best suited for the forums.

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As I say, dynamics is one of a number of examples. Re. discussion, I'm proposing either this be the default paste behaviour (again, as found in other notation programmes) or at least as a paste option (perhaps with a preference to have this option be the default). @JoJo-Schmitz adding dynamics after isn't a workaround to the general workflow issue i've raised.

It appears this is an issue to only me and presumably not many others (given there's not much discussion of it elsewhere) but I have to say it's always been a bugbear for me and my students. This is now starting to feel like a 'small hill to die on' from my point of view, but I thought it would be worth raising again as would be interesting to see if others find it similarly frustrating. I'm assuming neither of you find this an issue? Thanks for the on going discussion regardless.

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I generally add dynamics to mutlple staves at once if it’s literally the same dynamic on the same beat, or paste one staff at a time if the same dynamic needs to be added on different beats as is more common, or just add individually if the dynamics themselves different which is also common.

But also having a new feature where a single dynamic could be copied to multiple staves if you forgot to select those staves before adding the dynamic could occasionally be useful as well. As I keep saying, for discussion of proposed new features, please use the forum. It’s vitally important to get more input from more users in designing such a feature, and this issue tracker doesn’t accomplish that.

Sorry, I thought this was the forum. Actually, I did make a forum post (as linked at the top of this thread). but it was suggested I post to the issue tracker too (where I believe suggestions can be made?).

The general idea of paste automatically duplicating the functionality of Explode is clear enough and doesn’t need further discussion.

But the brand new proposed feature where a single element can somehow be duplicated across a range selection - and defining how that would actually look in practice and for which element types it would make sense and how it should work (attach to all notes in selection, just the first of each staff, etc) - that needs much further refinement.

And that’s why we recommend forum discussions first, to reach consensus among a large / diverse group of users on how the proposed feature should work. Then submit a new suggestion with a concrete proposed based on that discussion.