Chord symbol font sizes different for parts and score(?)

• Mar 27, 2022 - 17:18

Hi there. I'm relatively new to MuseScore, but this forum and other resources have been very helpful.

One question I can't seem to find answered though is if there is a way to set MuseScore so the chord font can always be one size on the score (small) but a larger size on the part. I know I can manually change this, but is there some kind of global option so I don't have to change this with every new file?

Thanks, in advance!
- Rob


Edit > Preferences > Score allows you to set a default style file for score as well as parts. So set up one score/part as you like, then save that style as a style file and link it in those preferences.

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I don't think style files include separate settings for parts - indeed, it doesn't really seem possible, since each part can potentially have different style settings, and a style file is independent of any score. On the other hand, save your score (with its customized parts) as a template, and all scores created from that template will inherit its style settings for score and parts together. To save as template, just use ordinary Save As but choose your Templates folder as the location.,

I'm curious why you'd want to do this. Normally the score would simply be scaled smaller than the part, and the chord symbols scale smaller along with it. So it wouldn't be normally necessary to actually specific an alternate size.

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Thanks Marc. I'll look into the templates option.

I want to do this because my group uses four parts and we never print the score, although it's sometimes useful for editing and comparing parts. Because of this, we keep the fonts small. The parts, on the other hand, are printed, and we like the chord fonts large, mainly because we're not young anymore!

I suppose I could also look into changing everything to large and reducing the viewing size of the score, so there's that too. I guess I have more experimenting to do.

Thanks again,
- Rob

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If you never print the score, definitely there is no point to making the chords smaller there. Just make the chords symbol style
large in the score and they’ll automatically be the same in the parts. Since you’re not planning on printing the score, there’s no reason to even make the score itself small as you otherwise might to save space.

In other words, just use MuseScore the normal way it was intended to be used and everything should work out perfectly.

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The relation between "Score and Parts", Styles and Templates is not very well defined in the handbook.

The below is my current understanding. It might not be correct.

As Marc mentions, the main score has a set of "style" settings (a style), and each part has a separate style.

  • When you save style, you save the style of the active tab, i.e. the main score or one of the parts.
  • When you load a style file, you only load it into the active tab, i.e. the main score or one of the parts.

Thus if you want to apply a style file to all parts you need to load it individually for each part.

When you press the "S" buttons in the inspector, you only change the style of the currently active tab (the score or one of the parts). I'm am not sure if there is a way to make that change apply to all parts.

When you make changes in the Format->Style dialog, you have the option to press "Apply to all Parts". I am not sure if that will transfer the full set of style setting to all parts (including changes you made with the "S" button in the inspector), or only the changes you made while the Style dialog window was open. Some experimentation is needed here.

Something not mentioned so far is that it is possible to specify two separate default style files for the score and parts in the Preferences. These will be applied when you start a new score without using a template.

It is interesting that Marc says that also the part styles are included when you use a template which has generated parts. I will experiment with this too.

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Everything you say seems correct. The Apply to all Parts button should apply all style settings regardless of whether they were made in the dialog or via the Inspector or via Load Style. If you find it not working, try making some change within the dialog first - otherwise, it's possible in some cases the button will think there is nothing to do and thus might do nothing.

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