Manually adjusting spacing

• Mar 24, 2022 - 14:34

Hi, I'm a very new user and have searched all over but haven't been able to find how to manually adjust the placement of items. I want to move notes and lyrics to tighten up the spacing removing a bunch of whitespace.


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Not sure if it's the large font size (I've got lyrics set to 30pt) but even playing with the stretch setting in each measure (measure properties) reducing white space is tough.

Maybe setting lyrics to 13pt and playing with scaling?

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Thanks for helping. I'm attempting to make the score readable for my wife. She has very low vision and the lyrics need to be very large. They are 15pt in this version but she actually needs them to be closer to 25pt. As I played with the size of the lyrics, the spacing continually changes. I'll try playing with stretch.

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The low vision thing is very recent. She lost her central vision due to a ruptured brain aneurysm 3 months ago. She has sung in many choral groups and wants to continue. We're learning as we go what works and what doesn't. She tells me all uppercase letters seems better currently. The size of the notes seems ok because it's more for timing them actual pitch. She's not playing an instrument.

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