MuseScore 3 Sustain Pedal is not working properly when dragged consecutively 2 or more bars

• Nov 28, 2021 - 15:08
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1). Create 2 or more bars on your piece
2.) Drag a "Ped________" to the first bar from Linear Notation in palette.
3.) Play until the first bar, the sound is exactly the effect of the sustain pedal supposed to be.
4.) Drag another "Ped________
" to the second bar.
5.) Play until the second bar, the sustain pedal is not working when it plays to 2nd bar, which means sound from the 2nd bar become separate.
6.) I ever tried to drag each sustain pedal range covering EXCEPT last note, then it seems to work, However, the last note isn't apply the effect of the sustain pedal - this is not the effect I wish to...

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Indeed, we'd need to see the score in order to understand, but note that the notation shown in your picture is not really the modern standard that is more precise than the 19th-century style notation shown. The modern method using the _/_ brackets allows for more precise control, so you can achieve the quick up/down effect that I suspect is what you are wanting.

BTW, dragging is seldom the most efficient way to add elements to your score, better to select the range in your score then simply click the desired palette icon.

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I am encountering the same issue; attached is a sample, with a MIDI export. I did not even drag anything but just manually selected ranges of notes where I want to hold the sustain pedal. As long as the ranges are consecutive (by which I mean the beginning mark of a pedal line is on the next note to the ending mark of the previous line, without overlapping), only the first range is sustained, which is not the expected behavior. I also tried all different types of pedal lines, but none of them works.

For further reference: This issue was not present in older versions. I have another score with consecutive pedal lines that played correctly in 2020 (reference video:; the exact same file now plays incorrectly, in the same manner as described above.

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Are you saying you hear something wrong when playing this score? It sounds correct to me. Or maybe you mean that if you export the file to MIDI, some other program is playing it erroneously? It is indeed known that some other programs have bugs that cause pedal events to be interpreted incorrect.

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  1. Sorry that I clicked the wrong Frequency option and thanks for fixing.
  2. It would be correct if you hear 4 separate sustains in the attached MIDI file. What I hear is that only the first range is sustained. Attached is a screenshot from Studio One when I import the MIDI; it shows that three of the four sustains are not correctly applied.

Here is an MP3 export from MuseScore to demonstrate what I hear in MuseScore:

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In order for us to be able to investigate, we would need you to the actual score with the problem, not just a picture or recording of it. The one attached earlier works perfectly as far as I can tell, when played back within MuseScore. But if some other program has issues with the MIDI file, you'd need to contact the support people for that other program.

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The score I attached plays incorrectly in my environment in the exact same manner as I described, which means that, regarding the demonstration of the issue, it is equivalent to the the score I first encountered the issue in -- it would just be another score with which I am currently encountering the same issue. But just in case, I have attached the score file of the above Twitter video (Idea VII.mscz), as well as the complete version of the first sample I attached (Idea_V.mscz) -- the first sample was made by simply deleting everything after bar 2.

The issue occurs within MuseScore, not just with the exported MIDI, so it is unlikely to be an issue with other MIDI players. (I only provided the MIDI export to let you check the sustain parameters in case you had the means to.) If you did hear multiple separate and consecutive sustains in these files, then I can be sure that this issue has something to do with my MuseScore settings, in which case I might be able to provide more info should you require, or at least give up more willingly. Since you have not specified whether or not this was the case, however, I am currently unable to take your word for it when you just say they work perfectly, because all evidence I have indicates that they don't.

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In your file Idea_VII, for me, the pedal plays exactly as expected in the first four bars. There there is no pedal in the score after that, so of course there is no pedal in the playback. I also tested by deleting the last few notes of each of those first few measures - as well as the whole notes to be absolutely sure. And indeed, the pedal sustained the previous notes through the rest exactly as it should. So I'm just not hearing a problem here. This is 3.6.2 using the stock synthesizer and soundfont.

Are you perhaps using a non-standard soundfont or playing back via a third-party synthesizer connected by MIDI out or by JACK? If so, I would contact the support personnel for that. But if it's using the stock soundfont in MuseScore, can you make a new video showing this? Normally videos don't help in diagnosing problems, but if you're hearing something different than everyone else on the same score, sometimes that does turn out to be the best way to understand.

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Thank you for the quick reply! Here is a screen capture video:

It contains the playback of Idea_VII (only the first 4 bars, because as you said, the rest of the song doesn't contain pedals), my output settings, the synthesizer window which seems to show that I am using the stock soundfont. I also played a bit of Idea_V, as the sustain in this file is more obvious. If you spot anything wrong in my settings, please do let me know.

I hear the issue in your video, but as mentioned, it's fine for me. The I/O settings seems odd to me, but every system is different, and maybe that's correct for yours. if you're not using the MIDI input device, maybe disconnect it, or disable it here. Also try other settings in the boxes above.

It's also remotely possible the translation is somehow throwing things off. You wouldn't think it would matter, and it shouldn't but I seem to recall cases where it did - the trumpet "mute" channel or string "pizzicato" channel trying to match up by name. I can't really think of any specific thing that would be off in this respect, but I'm kind of grasping at straws. Because it does work for me, and I can't say I've ever heard of another report like this.

Thank you for the reply, which has actually just helped me solve the problem! (Or at least eliminate it, because I still have no idea why it was happening.)

Here is what happened:
I switched the UI language to English just in case it really is a language problem, and the audio just went dead. I switched it back to my system language (Traditional Chinese) but this had no effect. So, I hit the Reset All Preferences To Default button and restarted MuseScore. It walked me through the startup wizard again (where I still chose to use my system language), and now the sustains play correctly again. My I/O and soundfont settings still look exactly the same as in the video above. I tried switching to English again just to see if it still affects audio output, but this time nothing happened.

So, even though what happened looked pretty random to me, I guess the takeaway is that I should have tried resetting all preferences first. (I only tried reinstalling MuseScore, which didn't clear the preference settings.)

Thank you again for your patience and quick responses.

Wow, that's really interesting, glad it's working now! But, it seems there must still be a bug here, where something involving the language settings (or maybe it was something else - a synthesizer setting perhaps) is capable of partially breaking pedal playback. So, I'll leave this open in case someone else runs into it, and hopefully then we'll also be able to figure out how to reproduce it.