Some issues with long notes and changing time signature

• Feb 18, 2022 - 08:13

First of all, thanks for the great work on this software.
Now, the attached score (A_test_v0) is in 2/2 time, has the option “Display note values across measure boundaries” enabled, and the barlines are short and dotted.

  1. I try to add a dotted double-whole note at measure 19, [pb1] I get a non-dotted double whole note in that measure, followed by an empty measure 20 and a whole note in measure 21 with a tie coming from the middle of measure 20 (see A_test_v1).

  2. I convert the time signature to 2/1 (A_test_v2):
    a) [pb2] the barlines become solid and full, though the option is still ticked in the Score
    b) [pb3] notes that previously went across the even barlines are split and tied as if there were a barline and the option were not enabled
    c) [pb4] double whole notes are converted to two whole notes tied
    d) the empty measures have two whole note rests rather than a single full measure rest (not really a problem but slightly unsatisfying aesthetically)

  3. I now add a dotted double whole note in measure 10, and it is displayed correctly (A_test_v3)

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“Display note values across measure boundaries” is experimental and only really supports crossing a single barline with a duration.

I normally set up a score like this with the time signature 4/2 - this gives full bar rests and breves, and dotted breves display correctly. If you change your existing score to 4/2 it doesn't work so well and needs a bit of editing, e.g. to change two tied minims into a semibreve, but continuing the score with new notes works as it should -- at least it does for me.

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I think it is a bug that if you change the time signature the barlines and tied notes ignore your special early music settings. However if you find a suitable time signature at the start it all goes well. Here is your score in 4/2 - it now allows a dotted breve across the barline, which 2/1 doesn't.

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So...I opened your first score and placed a dotted double whole note in bar 19. And got the same result. Is there a problem with just dragging the left end of the tie over? I understand why MuseScore does it this way. There aren't supposed to be bar lines at all.

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