'Classical' saxophone sound font?

• Feb 15, 2022 - 10:31

I arrange music for small wind ensembles and find the standard generated audio for clarinet quartet and wind quintet from Musescore/Windows 11 adequate. However, the saxophone quartet sound is very poor for my purposes. There is way too much vibrato and the sound is too harsh for my more 'classical' arrangements.

How can I generate a better saxophone audio 'recording' from Musescore? Is the playback sound customisable in Musescore? Do I need a new saxophone sound font? If so, where can I find one and how do I install it?

Many thanks


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Hi Marc. I asked the original question so pleased to hear that there may be some more 'classical' saxophone sound fonts in Musescore 4 Beta. Will they replace the existing saxophone fonts or be additional ones? Also, how stable is the Beta? Feel free to point me to a link.

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Muse Sounds isn't a "soundfont" - it's a whole new synthesis engine with pretty incredible degrees of realism. See the Announcement forum for details. The beta is more than stable enough to test, which is its purpose - so people can test and then provide feedback via the channels mentioned in the announcement. Although, the nightly builds are more up to date and always contain more bug fixes, even if they also might introduce some new bugs occasionally. You can find these by clicking Download above on this page, then Software, then scrolling down to the bottom of the page to see the section on development builds, is always more up to date.

But, again these are intended for testing and providing feedback, so by definition, they aren't considered final yet.

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