Rhythm pb in the lower stave with cross-beam notation on the piano

• Feb 11, 2022 - 14:33

Hi, I have a pb with cross-beams notation on a piano score : if I first write on the upper stave the phrase that has to be split on both and united by the cross-beam, then there is a rhythm pb on the lower stave : Musescore doesn't take into account the silences and pauses required to let me count the correct amount of beats on it. It just adds the notes from the cross-beam phrase, to the beats that are already there on the lower stave. For instance, on the lower stave, I can have 2 eights notes from the split phrase that also runs up, but the lower stave measure will have a full pause of 4 beats (in 4/4) + the 2 eights notes ! That makes a 4/4+1/2 measure !

How can I solve that ?

Tx 4 your help !

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Select the rest on the lower stave and press 5. That will give you the initial quarter rest you want. You can similarly subdivide the remaining rests on that stave. You can make invisible any rests that are not needed (i.e. rests that are coincident with the cross-staff notes) by selecting them and using using keyboard shortcut V. If you need further help please attach your score (.mscz file).

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