Multi bar dynamics / Hairpin

• Feb 8, 2022 - 16:56

I just got a new harddrive and have installed MS.

I have a few bars that I've been trying to put a multi bar hairpin in a piece. The hairpin has to affect 6 bars and between a mf and a ppp dynamic.

I have clicked and put a mf under the first note the hairpin should affect. I've clicked the last note and put a ppp under the last note the hairpin should affect.

I've read through both the dynamic and hairpin pages.
The hairpin shows up but will not react during playback.

I've tried putting in the hairpin- shift and right arrow to move the hairpin. Nope
I've tried selecting the first and last notes - double clicking hairpin. Nope
I've tried selecting the range of bars and putting in the hairpin. Nope
I've tried playback in both page view and continuous view. Nope

If I use velocity in the inspector it fades out way too quickly.

dim----- works though.

What am I missing here?


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I completely agree with you Bob. By the time that I was done with it yesterday I was tinkering in the Inspector with it. Highly unusual for me.

Can you do me a favor? Put the hairpin between two dynamic markings like MF and PP and see if it responds to you? It was difficult for me to get it to respond to it.

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I soloed the timp and the hairpin works as you have it. I also restored the default setting and put dynamics at each end, and that works also. The drum set overpowers the timp. I started the timp at ff, then I could hear it before the hairpin brought it down to p.
As an aside, you might try panning instruments so they aren't on top of each other. It will make them easier to hear.

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All right let me try tomorrow and see if it's still giving me a hard time.

Yes panning. Good point. I haven't even gotten to that. I'm mainly trying to work on composition ability in Musecore. I'll tell you what........ I'll look into panning in the next day or two to give it a shot.

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That's what I heard, also. The end of the hairpin needs to be set as loud as than whatever the drum set is set at. If the drum set is at mf, than the timp needs to start at ff and end at mf. It doesn't help that both play the same rhythm. Also panning them to left and right will help. Think about it. A drumline on the sidelines is spread oul almost the length of the field. Part of why you can pick out instruments is because the sounds are coming from different places. Same with band or orchestra.

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Well I agree with part of that. The dynamics on one line shouldn't affect the dynamics on another. You are talking in RELATION to the other instruments. That is NOT what I'm looking for. I'm saying the hairpin is done by the 3rd bar in a 6 bar phrase. Plus the timpani part is supposed to fade. That's the point of ending it in triple pianissimo. The hairpin should react the length of the hairpin regardless of what instrument plays where. The timpani part is supposed to double the tom part.

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I guess I'm not understanding what effect you are trying to produce.

Here's what I find about the score you posted:
1. The only instrument that I know the starting volume for is the cello. The rest must be mf by default because of this being a score fragment.
2. The volume slider is way down for the timp.
3. when I solo the timp your hair pin works all the way to measure five if I have my volume up. Even further if I set the hairpin to default and raise the slider volume.
4. What works better is to delete your hairpin. Place the desired dynamics on the first and last note. Then replace the hairpin between them. I find I have better luck by setting dynamics first (especially the final dynamic) then placing the hairpin.

The effect I seem to notice is that at the beginning of this section, the timp is equal to or slightly louder than the toms. During playback the sound of the timp is slowly replaced by toms. Interesting. In any event, this happens by the 3rd measure no matter what. Properly set up dynamics and hairpins work.

What are you trying to achieve?

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Issue is now fixed Bob. I had initially adjusted the volume of the timpani and had forgotten about it. During playback on my system when the score is played it just disappeard. I kept working it from the issue of the hairpin. When you covered all the bases the light went off for me.

Ok fine,
I let this piece settle so I'll now go and fill the melody lines.

Well done Bob!

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Just glad you got it the way you want it.
Life used to be so much simpler in the old days. Write some music (on paper). Learn how to play all the instruments you needed. Record each one, one at a time. On three cassette recorders, a reel to reel and a mostly working 8 track. Try to turn them all on at once and see what happened. Sigh.

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