3.6.2 appimage much slower than 3.2.3 with navigation panel.

• Feb 6, 2022 - 10:11

On a large score (the Four Seasons https://musescore.com/musikmann/scores/135805)
the latest version 3.6.2 is unusable when navigation panel is on: everything will make the whole interface hang for 30 seconds or more!

On the other hand, the same score works perfectly well and fast on my ubuntu 3.2.3 version, with navigation panel as well.

So there seems to be a large regression here.


The score stems from MuseScore 2.0.3. Maybe that matters here.

Then again there's no slowness at all in MuseScore 3.6.2 64-bit on Windows 11

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I think I found the ultimate crash test: open 3.6.2 (linux appimage) and create a new score.
Only one page: the navigator works fine. Now insert a page break so you have now two pages.
Activate the navigator ==> the interface hangs for 30 seconds... (but after that is works)

in fact the problem persists for much smaller scores: I saved from that file an excerpt of 5 pages, and the problem is exactly the same

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thanks for the feedback. I don't understand what happens then.

I'm using KDE neon, based on ubuntu, so this shouldn't be very different from Mint.
When I select the navigation panel in the menu, I can see in a terminal using 'top' that Musescore uses 100% CPU for about 20 seconds. And most of the times as soon as I try any other action, 100% again for 20 to 30 seconds...

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Have you tried updating graphics drivers?

Meanwhile, I think once you realize how many navigation options MuseScore provides, you’ll quickly realize the Navigator is not ever needed. I literally never use it regardless of size of score. Can you be more specific about what you are using it for? Normal scroll gestures line two-finger swipe, plus the Find command, and occasion use of the timeline, should provide better navigation in virtually all cases.

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Hi Marc,
Thanks for getting back. My system stay up-to-date with the system updates, and I have updated my graphics drivers (Mesa/Intel 4000). I do know the other methods of scrolling. I often have 20-30 page orchestral scores that I often use in continuous view. My preferred and most efficient method for moving around in longer scores is usually the mouse and navigation bar, FWIW. My guess is that if there are outdated QT libs that someone mentioned in this thread, then newer graphics drivers aren't going to fix the problem. I know my way around the OS pretty well and have done a lot of sleuthing since 3.6.2 was released, but I have never been able to fix the navigator issues. All works well using MS 3.2.3. I'm open to all/any suggestions!

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