Musescore Crashing

• Feb 2, 2022 - 13:20

Hi everyone, I'm having problem with Musescore crashing all the time when i open new Score!
the steps I do as follows, Open new score wizard then in I select Chamber music then chose String Quarter.
hit next in the key signature, I select C major A minor. het next chose time signature and tempo I change the number of measure to 16. and select the Tempo box.
then I hit finish, when I start to add notes it crash after four notes!!
I use Version 3.6.2. I tried 64bit ,32bit and portable all the same we use this in school, we have 2 computer rooms of 30 each it is the same in both room!!
i even both 6 new computer to roll out the computers but the same problem.

please help


Perhaps the IT folks at your school inadvertently did something to the computers that interferes with MuseScore. Or it might have something to do with the printer settings that MuseScore uses.

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I actually formatted one PC and installed windows 10 from scratch then I installed Musescore 3 but I’m still getting the same symptoms!

But what you mean Musescore printer?!

I tried downloading Musescore from Microsoft store and that seems to work flawlessly no problems.

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Uninstall/reinstall rarely fixes anything. You say it happens when you open a new score (well, you said 'same problem", but that was the original problem. Do you mean, when you create a new score, or when you open an existing score? Please explain in more detail what you are doing that leads to the crash, and if it's on opening a specific score, please attach the score. Also say what version of MuseScore, and what OS.

Similar problem here. Open a score and select several bars. Click (2) to change the voice and Musescore hangs. Only option is a hard kill through task manager.

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Most likely the score is corrupted. In order for us to investigate, we'd need you to attach it and give the precise steps to reproduce the problem (eg, which specific measures to select).

Note, however, that the voice buttons are not meant to large-scale operations like that. They are mostly meant to be used while in note input mode, or for sending individual notes or small selections to another voice in normal mode. For what you are talking about - entire measures, or multiple measures - better to use the commands in Tools / Voices. They are more powerful and reliable.

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Works fine for me also to select those measures and click the voice 2 button or press Ctrl+X, using 3.6.2 on Linux. Well, fine other than the fact that the voice button doesn't actually do what you want, for the reasons I explained previously. Not all notes get moved. For that you need to use Tools / Voice. But still, the voice button shouldn't crash, and for me it doesn't. Is it possible you are on a Mac and have the "hover text" accessibiltiy button enabled? That's known to crash MuseScore and other programs at times.

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