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• Jan 25, 2022 - 02:07

They are always learning, never coming to the knowledge of the truth;” [making the product.]
This was an interesting comment I heard and wondered if anyone has this issue.
I thought that there must be a place where one actually understands using the tools we have to make music, Instead of always learning and never feeling good enough in the making of the product.
i.e. if one is making a simple folk music tune. What are the rules surrounding it to check that one actually has the knowledge of the product. I'm sure all our great musicians actually understand the flow or ??? of the music notation they are putting together like a well-formed jigsaw.
Just a query for other's experience. cheers


Re: "I thought that there must be a place where one actually understands using the tools we have to make music, ".

There is, but it can be a long road to get there. I suppose one of the important parts is to stop judging and use that energy in a more positive direction.

As well as everything else, harmony is very important to me in my compositions. Personally I found that it wasn't until I (to some extent) "understood all components" and how to use them that I felt that I had gotten to a place where I was relatively happy with them.

Of course there's much more to it all than that, but one of the most important reasons that music and composition are so exhilarating and fascinating is that one will never get to the end.

Just think of all those who worked at boring, soul eating jobs with their eye on retirement getting there and finding that their lives have been and are so hollow.

Keep going, believe in yourself, follow your own Muse. Write what you want. Be successful on that term.

There was a quote I read many years ago, I believe it was in a book Stravinsky wrote.

To paraphrase: "The first thing is to become a great craftsman. If you have a great artist in you, it will appear, If not, at least you will be a great craftsman". I have never forgotten that.

Choose happy and keep going. :)

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And yet, you can be a great craftsman and not a composer. It matters little if you know all the tricks, but don't have the drive. And you do have to be driven. If you want to write music then you will.

Here is my favorite kind of music: It is music that thrusts both hands into me and rips my guts out. It throws them on the ground and jumps up and down on them. Then it picks them up and jams them back inside me. I t can be loud or soft. It can be fast or slow. But when it is done with me, I know that I have experienced something. This is what I want to write. Be it simple or complex. Full orchestra or folk song. And above all have a joyous time.

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