Sound vanished.

• Jan 23, 2022 - 02:17

Today I get no audio from MuseScore. All of the notices (dings etc.) are working; I can play mp3s on Windows Media Player; I can play project files on Audacity; but although MuseScore goes through the motions of playing a score (cursor marches along), there is no sound from the same speakers. The volume (from keyboard) is set at 58%; I uninstalled MuseScore and reinstalled it (3.6...), but it still won't make a sound.

Yesterday it was working; today it is silent. What did I screw up?

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Just checked this: scores that do not play on MuseScore (as described above) play normally on the MuseScore web site after uploading.

Not sure if this will fix it for you, but its worth a shot. This fixed my issue where MuseScore would neither play the track or make any sound (such as when placing or clicking on a note). Go to File >> Preferences >> I/O. Make sure the PortAudio Device is set to the one Windows is using to make its dings. If its already set correctly, try doing "Restart Audio and MIDI Devices" in the "Audio Engine" section.

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