Musescore wont open on chromebook?

• Jan 18, 2022 - 21:53

So I went through the steps outlined here to install muscescore on my chromebook:…

And everything seemed to go fine, but when I click on Musescore to open it the window pops up, says "Initializing main window", then closes.

Anything I can do to fix this?

Musescore used to run on this computer fine, but I had to powerwash it and start over so back at square one..

Thank you!


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Normnally powerwash shouldn't be necessary, but it's certainly possible some previous customization you did might have rendered that necessary. Ordinarily, everything just works pretty simply, although indeed, not as simply as other systems, because Linux on Chromebooks is a bit tricky to begin with. And yes, you do need to be sure you know which architecture you are running so you can install the correct AppImage.

FWIW, as one of the developers of MuseScore and probably the only one actually using a Chromebook regularly, I created my own streamlined / optimized installation procedure. See:…

It does a number of things above and beyond that the standard install process does, to better integrate with ChromeOS and to eliminate the need to know as much about Linux as a non-ChromeOS Linux user might.

I, too, am having this problem, but for me, the window won't even pop up. I just see the spinning circle over the app icon, and then it disappears. WHY?! How do I fix this?!

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Are you trying to following the 2020 instructions that this thread is about? Those indeed most likely won't work anymore. Here is a video showing the proper procedure today:

If you continue to have trouble, please say which architecture you are using (Intel, ARM 64-bit, or ARM 32-bit), at what step in the process something goes wrong, and what you see displayed on the console when you run "mscore4portable".

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