Sound alterations playback not working

• Jan 14, 2022 - 19:54

I have noticed that musescore does not play the correct pitch sound in some altered notes. As it's shown in the example (and the muse file enclosed), the first two G notes sound altered (by the first # in the first G) but the last note (one octave below) sound unaltered when you play it. As far as I remember, this last G (second line) must sound altered also as it is after the first alteration and in the same measure.

I have noticed also, that if you change the pitch (one octave withe ctrl+downarrow) the second G, musescore adds a sharp before the note even though it is not necessary as it is in the same measure.

Does anyone know what might be going on? Thanks in advance for your help.


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Looks like standard notation and expected behaviour to me.

Standard notation - the accidental affects all notes of the same name in that octave but does not affect notes of the same name in other octaves. Conventionally this lasts for one measure and should not affect subsequent measures although sometimes a courtesy accidental (a natural sign in this sort of case) is used to remind the performer.

Expected behaviour - you entered a G#, the next G you entered is also sharpened by the accidental. The third G, however, is in a different octave and not affected by the accidental and so MuseScore leaves it as a G natural. When you then drop the second G# by an octave you are doing just that - dropping it by an exact octave, so it's still a G#.

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