Change noteheads for specific unpitched percussion notes

• Jan 6, 2022 - 22:54

Right now for a piece I'm working on, I want to change the noteheads at specific sections without changing the playback sound and without editing the "drumset". However, the options for changing noteheads in the inspector panel for unpitched percussion is greyed out. Is there any option/etc I can change to allow for unpitched percussion noteheads to be changed?


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I want to switch the same note with the same playback sound back and forth between noteheads to indicate a specific change in playing technique that doesn't need any specific playback change, but that I do want to have playback of the same sound.

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You could try to "change instrument" to the same drumset, but give that one a different definition for that note and hide the change instrument text? See

If it only has to work on your PC by default, you could attempt creating a custom soundfont, where the same sound is attached to two different pitches; one for each technique.
(Though I do wonder that if the technique for playing is different, isn't it likely that the resulting sound would be as well?)

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(and now I see why in another thread there was an assumption about multiple pitches)

A possible workaround without creating a custom drumset would be to simply add a new drum note for the alternature technique, assign it an unused MIDI pitch, then add it for the visual effect, but also the original note for the playback effect, and mark the latter invisible. Kind of surprised I've never thought of this before since it does come up from time to time. Who knows, maybe I or someone else did and I just forgot...

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