extending the sound

• Jan 4, 2022 - 09:48

happy New year. Hope all are safe and well.

I found an interesting theory word the other day ????ellipsis-
It describes the long singing length of the [hymn] word.
Glo--or---or or or or -or----oria. I'm trying to find how to notate this?
We'd sing this at Catholic school.


Glo------------------ri---a___ (as many dashes as needed to get to the note that starts the next sylable, as many _ as needed to reach the last note of the last sylable. Example:

"Melisma" is the name for that.

I find that the MuseScore default for Max. hyphen distance is too large. You might find it useful to set it to a lower value (e.g. 10sp), so that the hyphens occur more frequently. Use the menu option Format > Style... > Lyrics > Lyrics Hyphen > Max. hyphen distance :

Lyrics max hyphen distance.png

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Easiest way is to set up a score the way you like and save it your Templates folder. Then every time you create a score, simply choose that template instead of whichever template you normally use (SATB or whatever). You can also use Format / Save Style to create a "style file" you can specify as a default in Edit / Preferences / Score, for those scores you create that are not from templates.

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