Cannot delete the rest

• Dec 27, 2021 - 04:40

Manual says "You can replace rests with notes, you can remove sound and get silence, but you cannot remove silence".

So, how do I delete the rest in the middle? Or move it to end and merge with the end silence? I exited the note mode, selected the rest, but ctrl x does not work. I'm puzzled. I had other problems as well, like changing the length of a note - and changing the 4/4 to 9/8.

Anyway, the editing is not intuitive. I can imagine how I grab and move the notes easily as done in earliest music editors. Simple and intuitive, but not in MuseScore - why not?


By default, MuseScore will not change the length of a measure unless you specifically tell it to. If, for instance, you want to remove a quarter rest on beat 2 of a 4/4 bar, you have two options: Either cut and paste beats 3 and 4 back one beat, leaving a quarter rest on beat 4, or use Ctrl+Delete to delete the rest, leaving you with a bar of 3/4. As for changing time signatures, you just need to add the relevant marking from the Time Signatures palette. If there's no 9/8 by default, you can create it as a custom time signature ( If you still have issues, it would be helpful to have more information about what specifically you're having problems with.

In general, don't delete or move things. Rather replace them with what you do want. You can move things up or down, but not side to side. Why would you delete a rest in the middle of a bar? Put the note that you want there.

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"If a rest is at the beginning of the measure and you want it at the end instead, you have to move the notes by cut and paste."

Well, not exactly (or that was before!) No need for a painful cut and paste for so few things. That's what the plugin mentioned above does (which hopefully has a good chance of being a native feature in a future version).


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I worded it the way I did because I seldom move things within a measure. One line to another, or completely different place in the same line? Sure.
I get the feeling that the OP wants to be able to drag things left or right.

A rest is there to provide silence for a certain length of time. As the quote you give points out, you cannot remove silence. Removing a rest makes no logical or musical sense unless you are replacing it with something else - sound. MuseScore knows this and simplifies the process for you. No need to waste time "deleting" the rest; just replace it with the sound you want. One step instead of two. If you want to enter some notes to hear instead of silence, just enter the notes directly - they replace the rest autoamtically. If you want to take some notes that were previously entered somewhere else and move them to where the rest is, just cut and paste directly - same process whether the copied notes are a beat later, 17 measures later, on a different staff, in a different piece, etc.

To change duration of a note, just select it and then press the desired duration button or shortcut.

To change time signature, select the measure where you want the change to take place and then click the desired new time signature in the palette.

If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score and explain what you are trying to do in more detail, so we can understand and assist better.

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