cross voice beams?

• Dec 18, 2021 - 22:13

is it possible to crate cross voice beams please?


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Thank You, but this is not cross staff. There are both voices in same staff.
I cant do it for voices in same staff.

Workround, I dont like wery much, could be to exchange voices, so notes would be one voice and pauses other and manually shift their y position.

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It's not entirely clear what you need. Perhaps it would help if you made a larger image with 2-3 measures and both staves shown in full?

[Edit] Actually it's clear enough that you want to beam cross-voice. Personally I find that confusing, and the beam angles of the original edition seem very unhelpful to me. But you're right that the only way is a workaround of beaming notes in the same voice and then moving the rests:

Cross-voice beaming - workaround.png

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Why would the notes be beamed if they were in different voices? Beaming is one way of indicating that adjacent notes are in the same voice.

That notation can be achieved with beaming in a single voice, like this: (although the picture in the original post looks like there is s a 7 line stave, I have assumed it is a standard 5 line stave with the lower notes on ledger lines. I have also assumed treble clef.)



The "N" shapes of the beamed notes is achieved by adjusting the handles of the beams.

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Steve, thank You, yes, this is possible workround (as also Daniel posted).
It is visually correct. I didnt like, that I need to exchange "real" voices for some notes.
So question is, if try to reproduce source in this, or better to create without scrossvoices beams (Daniels example 1)

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If the notes are in the same voice (which the beaming would imply) this is not a workaround but Is the correct way to do it. The "N" shape may be being used in the original just to save vertical space. So, do you have a reason to believe the beamed notes are in different voices?

I'd say that DanielR's second example at the top would be the most intuitive. Anything else would be extremely difficult to read, and aesthetically bizarre. Ultimately though, it's up to you—whatever you think is best for your purposes.

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