Jack MIDI port for each instrument

• Mar 17, 2011 - 22:33
S5 - Suggestion

I think it could be a good improvement if, for every new instrument created with musescore (with create menu or with wizard), a midi channel is create too by jack midi.
I put a png file to illustrate.


That's not possible. Regarding your request, as you may know, it's possible to increase the number of ports MuseScore presents to Jack MIDI. Each port get the full MIDI message flow but each instrument is sent on a different channel. By connecting one port to one synthesizer (VSTi or other), and by filtering the message to be rendered by channel, you should be able to render only one given instrument in one given synthesizer ?

Does that make sense ?

Not really user-friendly :-(
I try to use mididings, but I don't know how to connect musecore output 1 to mididings channel 1 and then redirect mididings channel 1 to my VSTi. It doesn't work for me.

Here is the script I've done :
from mididings import *


Filter(NOTE|CTRL) >> Channel(1)

In additon, it seems I should create a file for each midi input, So if I've a 6 staves score, I have to create 6 files and launch 6 mididings....

First post here.

Musescore is a great app. Much better than other score writing software on Linux but the sticking point is what has been described in this thread. I am not interested in Using Fluidsynth but not only that, I have a lot of hardware synths connected to an 8 port MIDI interface. Ideally you would have more control in Musescore of ports and MIDI channels used by each instrument.

Ardour 3 (which has MIDI) can obviously do this. It has no scoring feature but that's fine because it's more of a recording of performance app rather than composing. Rosegarden can do it but it's score feature is not nearly as good as Musescore.

Even although a scoring app tends to be mechanical in it's MIDI output, it still drastically helps to have full control of where the output is sent.

I'm actually experiencing with qmidiroute which is a really friendly and efficient software for routing midi out from musescore to vst plugin (from festige launch).
Works fine, I recommand it as an alternate solution for midi routing :)

Status (old) closed fixed

Implemented in PR 2126.
You can assign different MIDI ports to different instruments - it will work as on your picture, except for port names.

Restarting this thread, since my question is pretty related.

To start off, the Musescore/JACK/Ardour connection is working very nicely!
With 16 ports and 16 channels it's possible to have 256 combinations of instrument sounds using Port/Channel combinations.
What I'm wondering... Is there any real limitation with changing the code in Musescore to increase the # of ports (currently you can't dial in greater than 16)? It would work well to use a port for each main instrument, and then each Channel # for an articulation. It's nice that when you set any instrument to Port 16, there will be 16 Musescore MIDI ports created in JACK. Is it feasible to increase the Port# limit?

edit: If it's plausible, I can put this in the feature request section.