Official Scores

• Sep 16, 2021 - 13:18

YES! Finally the plague has arrived.

Musescore was too long to good to be true. The only place where you could fish out scores in peace and unstraitened.

I steared clear of ALL the SELLING SHIT *Sheet pages and mongers all over the fckng web. My email collapses due to their spam and aggressive merchandising.

This place was always peaceful. AND NOW?!

Which damn - greedy guy came up with this god damned idea of "Official Scores"?

Guess what? Next step will be the implementation of a web- store. BRAVO Musescore. You died right away.

Unfortunately I subsribed for a year just a few weeks ago.

Someone needs to open a new space for amateur - arrangers for spreading their ideas. This place will be sullied.

THANK YOU for nothing.


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Wide off the mark!

At my local bakery they´d know me and (even it wasn´t my nearby merchand) they´d see in me no random guy ranting about, but a person of integrity and before the employes would "call the police" they´d try to think if there wasn´t something true about this "occurance", why this as a rule "nice person" behaves like that.

Maybe a bad day or maybe he presages that this "official scores" is the little rift within the lute.

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Fine, at your local supermarket then instead of your bakery.

The only benefit this forum here has over the desert is that in the desert there is hardly anyone around to tell you your "occurance" is still at the wrong place.

This is not the online score sharing platform any less than any other place in the world (physical or virtual) is.

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Even here at the bakery, though, some of us have the common sense to realize there are perfectly good reasons why the publishers of these songs would want to have their own versions of the sheet music available alongside all the random user-submitted versions. We also may realize that people searching for arrangements of pop songs would probably like to see official versions of pop sheet music rather than just random users' arrangements for flute trios or whatever.

So if you do go over to the actual site in question to discuss your theories about motivations there, you might possibly wish to consider that there might be perfectly logical and non-greedy reasons why this features exists, and modify your language appropriately.

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