Playback piano left and right hand separately

• Mar 2, 2019 - 17:56

Hi am hugely frustrated. Really like MuseScore. I am trying to get MuseScore to playback the right and left and separately. I have tried to different approaches and neither works well at all.

I tried making the bass clef voice 2. It doesn't covert tied notes to voice and it leaves rests as voice 1. Even when I start from scratch it does not remove voice one rests. So that doesn't work for me.

I tried adding a different instrument for the bass clef. But my mixer doesn't look like the documentation. I doesn't list the 2 different instruments.

Yes I am running the latest greatest version.

Somebody please help me.

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If your goal is to use the mixer to control the two hands, then make a score with two pianos. In the instruments dialog (press i to see it) delete the second staff from the first instruments and the first staff from the second instrument. You can double click a barline (besides the very first one) and drag the bottom box to the bottom of the second piano to make it look like a grand staff. After that, always start adding notes in voice 1 and use additional voices only when the rhythms on a single staff get too complicated. You can then do as Shoichi suggested and use the mixer to control each staff independently.

Another way if you don't need to use the mixer to control the two staves is to enter the dynamics, then right click one and choose select>All similar elements and, using the inspector (F8), change the dynamic range from Part to Staff and the dynamics will only affect individual staves. Doing as I suggest will change all of them at once, you can also change them individually as you add them if you want to.

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Sorry if the question is a bit basic, but I'm new to MS. What if I want to play only one hand at a time in an existing sheet with only one instrument (piano)? I do that to understand how a composition is structured, not to compose myself. Shall I create a new sheet with two pianos and copy the content from the original sheet? That seems quite a piece of work.. If I understand the mixer well, I cannot solo or mute only one hand.

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Each staff has four voices, and indeed each staff starts with voice 1. The top row is for the top staff, the bottom row for the bottom staff. You just told MsueScore to mute voice 1 in both staves,. That's not what you want, you just want to mute voice 1 (or probably all voices) in the top staff, or only in the bottom.

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Thanks for the tip. Is there any way to control the volume of the left and right hands, independently? When Musescore plays my score, the R-hand block chords kinda overpower the moving bass line in the L-hand. Using the mixer would certainly be preferable to, say, as a workaround, introducing dynamics markings into the score just to balance the relative volumes of the left and right hands. Thanks.

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You can do that if instead of one instrument with two staves, you create your score as two instruments of one staff each. You can also use Staff/Part Properties to change the instrument to something that has multiple sounds defined - like guitar, for example, then use staff texts to force one staff to one channel and the other to another, and then in the mixer you'll be able to v=control the channel volumes independently (and also set the sound back to piano).

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