Rests Between Beams Is Causing Beam Malfunctions

• Sep 1, 2021 - 02:01
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Sometimes in when I try to put beams across two notes with a rest in between them, it causes the beams to do weird things like disappear, refuse to connect, or be unable to have their positions adjusted.

I noticed it seems to only happen between the first pair of notes in the first measure in a row of measures.

The problem only occurred in 5 out of 24 measures that I did this to, so it seems like it's kind of random.

To Replicate:
1: Have a rest between two beamable notes (anything smaller than a quarter note)
2: Select the notes, then go into the "Beam Properties" palette
3: Select "Beam Middle" so that a beam appears over/under the rest that is in between the two notes

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It's likely not random but something specific about attributes about that score and the affected measures. In order to investigate, we would need you to attach the actual MSCZ file and give precise steps to reproduce the problem. One possibility - if these are cross-staff notes, that might explain (but not excuse) some glitchiness. Same with beams across barlines.

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I attached images of the notes, so you should be able to see what kind of notes they are.
Could you give me possible places to look or things to try in order to investigate it myself? I don't feel comfortable putting my full file on here, because I'm paranoid of someone stealing my work...

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Those images don't help. A score is needed. Doesn't nees to be the full score, just some measures that demonstrate the problem

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As mentioned, probably it is a unique property of the score or measures themselves, not just the notes, causing the issue. So we need the file. As mentioned, it could be just an excerpt - feel free to delete all but the relevant measure.

But also, for the record, people don't come to software support forums or issue trackers looking for music to steal. it simply does not happen, not one such incident ever. And your work is protected by copyright the moment you create it - posting it is actually one the best ways to establish that you in fact did create it (or at least were the first person to have knowledge of it). So even in the extraordinarily unlikely event someone did try to steal your work, your post here would be your primary evidence in the lawsuit you could bring and be virtually guaranteed to win.

I'm really sorry for the late response. I hope someone still sees this. Here is a file with the measures. I deleted the other ones, so I hope that doesn't mess up your inquiry.

I noticed it only happened to notes in the first measure of a section that had a tie, or at least are supposed to have a tie, and even when I deleted the tie, it still didn't work.

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I have loaded your score. All we need now are precise steps to reproduce the problem - what specifically do I need to do next in order to see a problem?

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The problem occurred for me, when I put two separate sixteenth notes, separated by a sixteenth rest, in the first measure of a system (row of measures). I then selected the notes, went into the "Beam Properties" palette, and selected "Beam middle" to make the the two notes connected, such that their shared beam went over/under the rest that is between them. Then, afterwards, as I was trimming the measures to post the file you opened, I noticed that the problem only seemed to occur on the notes that had, or at least were supposed to have, a tied note from the previous measure leading into them, which is why you should also see those in the score file as well.

I hope that all helps

There's only one tie, between the last note in measure 44 and the bottom note of the 1st chord in measurere 45, all others are slurs.
However: I don't see any misbehaving beams (over rest or not)

So I'm assuming no one has found a solution/workaround? Because it kind of bothers me how they don't match everything else...
Even when I set the height to what I want, despite the fact that it doesn't appear to visually change heights, when I click off of the selected notes, the beams revert back to their original height coordinates

It appears you have the first note of measure 9 set to beam middle, which in theory should connect the beam to the previous measure. Was this your intent? That isn't currently supported across system breaks, and it is also what is responsible for the occasional temporary visual glitches that don't show on screen but not in prints etc. Reset that to to auto since it doesn't work to beam across systems anyhow, then things should behave more normally.

The attempted cross-system beaming is also what prevents beam height adjustments from working.

If the intent was only to beam over the rest, then leave the notes alone - set only the rest to beam middle.