How do you notate scale degrees using Musescore?

• Aug 30, 2021 - 18:45

When you read about scales and degrees, you sometimes see them written as numbers with a carat over them. I was wondering, can this be done with Musescore's text features? I've looked through the symbols and haven't seen it. Is there a keyboard shortcut, the way it works with chord symbols?


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You can do it with any font that supports combining diacritical marks, which is actually most fonts - just not the default Edwin. It's just easier if you have a font or a computer keyboard layout that is designed specifically for this.

To create these using the default font, type your number, then press F2 (while still in text edit mode) to display the special characters dialog, the Unicode Symbols / Combining Diacritical Marks, then the caret towards the beginning of the display. Most fonts seem to position this poorly, though. For instance, see how your browser renders this:


Mine (Chrome) does so poorly using whatever its default is. But FWIW, in Garamond it seems to look reasonable out of the box. So you can simply copy & paste from the above into a text element set to that font (or experiment to see which work better on your system).

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