Transpose chord symbols only

• Aug 25, 2021 - 10:31

Just a thought (subsequent to …

Transposition only works, AFAIK, on a range of notes. However, might there also be a case for allowing the user to easily transpose selected chord symbols only, leaving note pitches unchanged?

There might be various reasons for wanting this facility; for example, you might want to create an alternative chord symbol line based on a capoed guitar, so you copy the original chord symbol line, and apply a transpose to symbols in the new line.


Ok, so sure that’s my post, but I feel that this may be a useful feature even though the way I think this specific case should be dealt with is by extending the capo options in Style>Chord Symbols to include things like whether they appear above, below or beside the initial chords, or even to replace them altogether. The capo-ing can then be easily modified, and you don’t need to mess around with extra staves.

But yeah, it seems intuitive to be able to transpose chords individually, but you clearly can’t!

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Agreed, both features would be nice. Meanwhile, you can certainly get the result, by transposing the whole passage, then just the notes back to where they started. I suspect that's a simple enough a workaround that it might not be worth the effort of a feature to transpose chords only, if it were also possible to control the display of capo chords.

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There's no particular reason a command couldn't be written that transposed list selections. There's also no particular reason the transpose dialog couldn't be enhanced to add a control that says to transpose chord symbols only, even with a range selected. In fact both are probably doable via the plugin interface. It's more a matter of it not having come up often enough for anyone to have bothered writing such a specific command, especially given the simple workaround.

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