Creating a songbook with "Table of contents"

• Aug 24, 2021 - 14:59

Let suppose I have collected 1000 songs and I am proud of it. There are two possibilities, the first one is that I create 1000 files with only one song. This is not bad, but as I have so many songs, I wanted to create a song book with all my songs I have.

My title page is quickly created, eg. "My fabulous songs". Then I add one song with a number FS0001, FS0002, etc.. I can do this very easily adding text frames and fill them with suitable information. Then there are the notes below and this is not a big issue.

But there is one feature missing if there are many songs, the "Table of Contents" which enlists the songs alphabetically. Otherwise it is very hard to me to find a song.

How could one deal with this problem with musescore? Creating such a table in musescore really a tedious task.



+1 Good idea.

You could save the scores as PDF to assemble a songbook for view or print but it obviously wouldn't have any playback.

Not sure if you intend the finished songbook to be a Musescore score or just a score - and for digital use or paper? But anyway, I've just published a 230 page score to a musical with 19 separate "songs" - each exported from MS as a PDF then imported into Affinity Publisher, where I added a title page with index etc.

I numbered the pages in Musescore once I had the running order and number of intro pages known, so song one started at page 4 and it was simple to set each song up to start from the last page of the previous.

Now the interesting part of course is that as an ePub or iBook or Kindle book, you can very easily add a table of contents that hyperlinks to each section or song. A PDF version would be as simple (I haven't created a straight PDF version as the ePub etc are straightforward enough) to add hyperlinks.

Anyway hope this is of some use.

I prefer that an alphabetically listing is an "Index" at the end of the "book". Table of contents need to list songs in order to be played (or learned, viewed, etc.). On Web museScore site, there is a function to list individual scores together as one "compilation". However, I also would like a way to "bind" off-line (i.e. local) several of MuseScore score files together, to have a semblance of a traditional compilation of scores, i.e., like a printed book. This has more advantage than making a combined PDF file that contains separate PDF scores.

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