Distance between staves for printing! Driving me nuts!

• Aug 20, 2021 - 22:51

Hi! I'm sure this is easy when you know how!
I've written out some Percussion music I'm doing at the Proms next week..!
but buggered if I can get the 3 staves close together mainly for printing
There's such a huge distance between the staves!
I've tried loads of different combinations using Breaks and spacers!
Watched about 10 different youtube videos....
still can't get them close to each other!
How do I do it? ....


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Note that disabling the vertical justification shouldn't be necessary, or indeed even helpful. It merely works around a bug that causes the max system distance ot be ignored otherwise. In most cases, disabling vertical justification is the wrong solution, it just trades one problem for another (not justified staves). But in the special case of instrumental parts or leads sheets - scores of only a single staff that are shorter than a single page - it's safe and effective. Then the max system distance parameter is honored correctly.

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