My palettes disappeared...?

• Aug 1, 2021 - 20:31

This isn't that big a deal, just a little weird. Every now and then my palettes in the Advanced workspace will just vanish. Instead of the usual stuff the palette window (whatever the thing on the left is called) will be empty except "Add Palettes" and "Search." I know I can easily re-add all my palettes, but I've had to do that a couple of times now. Sometimes closing and reopening Musescore will solve it, but this most recent time (day of this posting) it doesn't seem to be helping. (I have not edited the advanced workspace recently except to solve this problem.) I don't want to revert to factory settings (that's overkill, I'm sure), but I don't like having to re-add all my palettes. Any ideas? I wanted to see if this was a problem for anyone else before I put it in the Issue Tracker.

Oh, and btw, when I add my palettes, the most recently added palettes appear on the top, so I end up having the reverse of the default order (clefs on bottom) because I'm going by the list under "more palettes" where clefs are on top. So, clefs appear on the bottom of the pane because they were first in the list. Having used this software for so long, I get used to having things a certain way, so it's a little disorienting having the order completely reversed. But I get used to it anyway. Still, would be nice to have that changed.
(Edited the last bit for clarity)


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